Vending Machines

The Perfect Vending Machines to Fit Your Needs

Coastal Canteen Vending and Food Service works directly with you to fully customize your vending machine service! We offer flexible vending programs designed to meet the needs of your business. You can choose the type of machine or machines you want, then determine exactly which snacks, beverages, and foods you want to make your employees and customers happy.

It's time for a breakroom upgrade!

Coastal Canteen consistently provides top-notch service to our site: from ensuring items are fresh to suggesting new items and maintaining plenty of stock on popular favorites. We are always pleased with their friendly service and prompt maintenance – thank you Coastal Canteen!
Beth Morgan
Charles River Laboratories

Customized just for you.

We start by having our sales rep contact you to review your needs. We will sit down with you to discuss various options, then develop an informed proposal…and you will love the selection!

We maintain inventory, deliver new items, and restock your machines.

Leveraging Technology for Safety & Convenience

DEX Technology

We utilize DEX (Digital Exchange) technology for inventory management and record keeping. We will always now what items in your machines need to be replenished, and by when.

Crane Cashless Readers

The need and desire for safety considerations means that we all have to be just a little it more careful nowadays. We use Crane Cashless Readers to help address the concern for hygiene and improve safety across all transactions.

Why Coastal Canteen Vending Machines?


No more rushing to pick up lunch during breaks. With our vending solutions, employees pick from their favorite items and pay using their preferred methods.


Put the zing back into the workday! Fuel your employees with our amazing variety of high-quality and fun items. Your favorite snack is always within arms reach!


Coastal Canteen has you covered, whether your staff is craving delicious energizing aromatic coffee, fun treats, healthy snacks, or complete meals.


Our healthy treats, snacks, and meals will quickly become employee favorites. They can always count on us having their preferred choices ready to go!

Morale Boosting

The breakroom is where employees go to rest and recharge. Why not "WOW" them with the Coastal Canteen Vending solutions? We're best in class and affordable.

Good for Business

Your company will be able more easily to retain current staff and attract new talent by providing employees with our impressive high-quality snack and meal options.

Our customers love us.

We have a staff of 300+ so vending options are something that has to be considered. Thanks to our micro-market, we are able to minimize late clock-ins and improve employee retention.
Joshua Neil
Neil Distribution
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