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Coastal Canteen Office Coffee Service

Isn’t it time to ugrade your breakroom? Coastal Canteen Vending and Food Service is always ready to pour you a steaming fresh cup of coffee! We’re your one-stop coffee supplier. Our coffee service provides reliable coffee equipment, including popular Flavia Single Cup Brewing System, Keurig Single Cup, Douwe Egberts Single Cup, and Pod Machines. We keep your coffee area stocked with the best brand name coffee and teas, including Alterra – Flavia brands, Green Mountain for Keurig Machine, Folgers, Maxwell House, and Douwe Egberts.

We Have the Perfect Coffee Machines to Fit Your Needs

Coastal Canteen consistently provides top-notch service to our site: from ensuring items are fresh to suggesting new items and maintaining plenty of stock on popular favorites. We are always pleased with their friendly service and prompt maintenance – thank you Coastal Canteen!
Beth Morgan
Charles River Laboratories

Local Partnerships

Riptide Coffee Co.

We’re all about our local community, and we love cultivating relationships with amazing businesses throughout the Charleston area. That’s why we teamed up with Charleston’s very own Riptide Coffee Company. They handle

Wanna try a cup?

Riptide Coffee Co.

and cold brews a variety of specialty beans sourced from all over the world.

Bring your favorite coffee and tea shop into the workplace.

Enjoy your favorite blends

Your staff will enjoy an authentic coffee-house experience right in the office.

We'll take care of everything

Sit back and enjoy your cup of joe knowing that you'll never run out!

Don't forget to try our water!

At Coastal Canteen we don’t stop at just coffee. Keep your workforce hydrated by providing invigorating fresh water to your employees. Setup, maintenance is a breeze, and you’ll always be able to count on our fast and friendly support.

Why Coastal Canteen Office Coffee Service


With our office coffee service, you will enjoy your favorite aromatic blends, right in the office.


Put the zing back into the workday with our delicious energy-boosting options.


Your employees will love our amazing selection of delicious coffee-house blends.

Morale Boosting

The breakroom is where employees go to rest and recharge. Why not "WOW" them with the Coastal Canteen Vending solutions? We're best in class and affordable.

Our customers love us.

We have a staff of 300+ so vending options are something that has to be considered. Thanks to our micro-market, we are able to minimize late clock-ins and improve employee retention.
Joshua Neil
Neil Distribution
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