Micro Markets

Micro Markets

A Micro Market is Your Own Self-Checkout Retail Market! It’s like having a complete self-check store at your location. Coastal Canteen is perfect for maximizing service and sales to your workforce with self-check convenience and a full line of name-brand snacks, beverages, fresh foods, and more! Customers simply pick out the items that they would like to purchase, scan the UPC symbol at the kiosk, and pay for them using multiple payment options.

Boost Productivity

A Micro Market reduces employee time away from work. Now everyone can eat right on site. You save time and money!

The Perfect Fit

Our micro-markets are customized to fit into your space seamlessly. And we support you every step of the way.

Retain Your Talent

Great employees are difficult to come by. Our micro-markets can help you attract and keep your talent pool.

Convenient Mobile Payment

The industry’s go-to for contactless vending experiences! Provide your employees with safer, worry-free vending all from their smartphone via the 365Pay app. This innovative touchless solution requires no connectivity setup, it works between your vending machine and the consumer’s phone via a simple Bluetooth connection!

Easy to Use Self-checkout.

Your employees will love our easy-to-use and convenient self-checkout technology. It’s easy to use and provides various payment options.

KION North America has been with Coastal Canteen for just over 3 years and our team still cannot say enough wonderful things about our beautiful micro market! Our facility is located in an area where there are no food establishments so having access to fresh sandwiches, salads and snacks at a very reasonable price has been invaluable to employee morale! Coastal Canteen came in and personally designed our market and continues to optimize our employees’ preferences by gauging their likes and rotating new products continually – this ensures that there are favorites in stock as well as new items so it never gets boring! We look forward to working with Coastal Canteen throughout the years!
Lori Stivers
KION North America

It's convenient, quick, and touchless

Shop the Market

Scan your items

Pay with card or phone

Experience the many benefits of a Micro Market


No more rushing to pick up lunch during breaks. With our vending solutions, employees pick from their favorite items and pay using their preferred methods.


Put the zing back into the workday! Fuel your employees with our amazing variety of high-quality and fun items. Your favorite snack is always within arms reach!


Coastal Canteen has you covered, whether your staff is craving delicious energizing aromatic coffee, fun treats, healthy snacks, or complete meals.


Our healthy treats, snacks, and meals will quickly become employee favorites. They can always count on us having their preferred choices ready to go!

Morale Boosting

The breakroom is where employees go to rest and recharge. Why not "WOW" them with the Coastal Canteen Vending solutions? We're best in class and affordable.

Good for Business

Your company will be able more easily to retain current staff and attract new talent by providing employees with our impressive high-quality snack and meal options.

Our customers love us.

We have a staff of 300+ so vending options are something that has to be considered. Thanks to our micro-market, we are able to minimize late clock-ins and improve employee retention.
Joshua Neil
Neil Distribution
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